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Last Updated on January 11, 2016

Upcoming NDFHTA Events

Winter Meet - Feb 27, 2016 Joanne Hetzel 4-H Memorial Building, Bismarck


Harvesting wildlife and trapping are among the oldest activities of mankind.  The North Dakota Fur Hunters & Trappers Association promotes the attributes and pride in this profession and its historic heritage.  We are working diligently to insure our future generations enjoy the same opportunities we do today.

Recognized both statewide and across the nation, NDFHTA is a voice for North Dakota fur hunters and trappers.  We are a proactive association and a responsible source of training and education with these outdoor activities.  

NDFHTA has a variety of activities for your benefit throughout the year.  These include fur harvester education classes, fur handling seminars, organizational meetings, and seasonal get-togethers. Everyone is welcome to NDFHTA activities which are open to the public.  We serve to provide an environment for interaction and exchange of information.

Find more information about NDFHTA on our About NDFHTA page.

Fur Harvester Education Classes - 2016

Bismarck - check back for 2016 dates

Jamestown - check back for 2016 dates


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Winter Meet

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Joanne Hetzel 4-H Memorial Building


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Junior $15

Adult or Family $25

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