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Education of fur hunters and trappers and the general public is one of the main purposes of NDFHTA.

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Code of Ethics: 

As a hunter or trapper, I agree to conduct myself as a professional and accept the responsibilities essential to ensuring a future that includes hunting and trapping.

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Organized in 2003, the North Dakota Fur Hunters and Trappers Association (NDFHTA) is a not-for-profit organization of individuals and families who promote the stewardship of wild animals through modern wildlife management techniques, including regulated hunting and trapping.

NDFHTA actively promotes using the most modern, efficient, humane, responsible, and practical methods and tools through a cooperative fur harvester education program with the North Dakota Game and Fish Department.

The NDFHTA is dedicated to the preservation and improvement of harvesting and marketing of wild and domestic furbearers so that fur hunters, trappers and farmers can best utilize these resources.


Booths are provided at public events by NDFHTA that serve to educate individual members of the public about furbearer management and the benefits of modern regulated fur hunting and trapping.  These events provide rewarding opportunities to create and maintain the public’s acceptance of this legitimate outdoor activity.


Find out more information about NDFHTA in our brochure.

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