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Educational Manuals and Brochures:

The North Dakota Fur Hunters & Trappers Association has developed three brochures, in conjunction with the North Dakota Game & Fish Department, on identification, use, and removing a dog from foothold traps, body-grip traps, and cable devices.

Find more information about NDFHTA in our brochure:

North Dakota Cooperative Fur Harvester Education Manual:

Using Cable Devices:

Cable Device Testing Standard:

Removing Dogs from Traps & Cable Devices:

River Otters in North Dakota:

Muskrat Trapping in North Dakota: 

A Trappers Guide to Preventing Aquatic Nuisance Species:

Public Safety and Regulated Trapping: 

The Implication of a Statewide Ban on Trapping: The Massachusetts Experience:


Regulated Trapping and the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation: 

Animal Selectivity:  

Animal Welfare:

Sustainable Use of Wildlife: 


For printed copies of these brochures, email NDFHTA with your name and mailing address and the name(s) of the brochures you would like to receive.

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