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Other Contacts:

Membership Services:

Janice Paulson

28300 Hwy 1804 NW

Wilton, ND 58579

Newsletter Editor:  Phil Mastrangelo

Webmaster:            MJ Lorge

NDFHTA Officers & District Directors:

The North Dakota Fur Hunters & Trappers Association has four districts, each having a District Director.  Our Summer Rendezvous rotates between districts each year.


To email our Officers or District Directors, click on their name below.


President:            Rick Tischaefer

Vice-president:  Travis Leier

Secretary:           Chris Tischaefer

Treasurer:           Phil Mastrangelo

District Directors:

District 1:  Garrett Volk

District 2:  Bobby Lee

District 3:  Chris Flann

District 4:  Kyle Krebs

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