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NDFHTA Code of Ethics


As a hunter or trapper, I agree to conduct myself as a professional and accept the responsibilities essential to ensuring a future that includes hunting and trapping.


  • I am an invited guest of the landowner and will not hold them responsible for any of my accidents.


  • I will respect all property and report any acts of misuse to the proper authority.


  • I will support conservation efforts that work towards ensuring our future generations have hunting and trapping opportunities as we do today.


  • I will abide by the laws and regulations of proclaimed by the State of North Dakota and insist my companions do the same.


  • I will work with my peers on educational programs that serve to maintain hunting and trapping as legitimate and beneficial outdoor activities.


  • I will respect furbearers and consider animal welfare in my actions.

Membership Application:

To join NDFHTA, fill out our Membership Application and send it with payment to our Treasurer.

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