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North Dakota Cooperative Fur Harvester Education Program:

The North Dakota Cooperative Fur Harvester Education Program (NDCFHEP) is the result of a cooperative effort between NDFHTA and the North Dakota Game and Fish Department (NDGFD).  NDGFD is responsible for the administration of this program by providing materials and financing.  NDFHTA is responsible for the execution of this program by conducting instructor and student courses.

NDCFHEP Mission:

The mission of NDCFHEP is to provide a proactive educational program, which will improve knowledge of North Dakota furbearers and provide basic fur hunting and trapping information of our renewable resource.

NDCFHEP Objectives:

Read about NDCFHEP objectives

Fur Harvester Education Classes:

Schedule of upcoming classes


Educational Manuals and Brochures:

Check out our educational brochures

Best Management Practices:

Check out by-species BMPs

Fur Primeness Chart:

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