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Purpose of NDFHTA:

The purposes of NDFHTA include, but are not limited to, activities in accord with the following general objectives:

  1. Educate individual members of the public on the consumptive use of wildlife resources as a necessary and proper tool of wildlife management.

  2. Develop, support, and promote a comprehensive educational program based upon scientific study and technological research for the advancement, restoration, wise use, management, and conservation of wildlife and other natural resources.

  3. Educate trappers and hunters in the proper harvesting and management of furbearers.

  4. Promote sensible, scientifically sound practices and administrative procedures pertaining to the management of furbearing animals.

  5. Educate members of the public concerning the unscientific and factually unfounded information and attributes promoted by anti-trapping and anti-hunting individuals and organizations.

  6. Encourage the identification/prosecution of individuals whose illegal conduct brings disrepute to this outdoor activity.

  7. Discourage unjust and fraudulent trade practices in the marketing of raw furs.

  8. Promote the acceptance and use of both domestic and wild fur.

  9. Encourage and promote strong active district associations within the state of North Dakota.

Membership Application:

To join NDFHTA, fill out our Membership Application and send it with payment to our Treasurer.

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